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Announcement Date: 2020/09/09
Subject: Application for recognition of master and doctor program credits taken by undergraduate students during Fall 2020
1.Students applying for recognition of master program/doctoral program credits taken during their fourth year/second year of study the students who shall complete application procedures by the deadline for course status change (Oct. 05th, 2020). Such credits shall not be calculated toward graduation in the undergraduate programs.
2.“Application Form for Recognition of Master Program Credits Taken by Undergraduate Students” Application Form for Recognition of Doctoral Program Credits Taken by Undergraduate Students” is available at Registration Section of Office of Academic Affairs. Please fill out the form in duplicate.
Procedures: signature of applicant  signature of professor  signature of Department Chairman Registration Section
3.Receipt of the form kept by the applicant shall be submitted while applying for credit exemption at YZU or other schools after being admitted into a master and doctor program.

Registration Section of Office of Academic Affairs 


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