Poster Competition rules:

Four referees are provided from each region, including Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan (total sixteen reviewers) and each poster will be reviewed by four referees. Score range is 70~100 points and the highest one will not be counted. Rest of scores will give an average. 10% of poster competition candidates in each topic group will win the best poster presentation award, indicating that top one to the maximal top three in each group will be winners of this poster competition.

Six poster topic groups:

(A) Biocatalysis and Microbial Technology

(B) Biochip/Biosensor and Nanobiotechnology

(C) Genetic, Protein, and Metabolic Engineering

(D) Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering

(E) Bioenergy and Environmental Biotechnology

(F) Bioreaction, Bioseparation, and Bioprocess Engineering

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